Seminarium Ergonomii    

International Seminar of Ergonomics

Poznan - POLAND May 23th - 25th 2018

International Seminar of Ergonomics

Conference publications

   The seminar participants can present their educational, scientific and practical achievements at the conference and publish them in journals or multi-paper monographs.
   The language of the seminar is English and Polish. The book of abstracts will be published in both English and Polish. The papers will be published in English or Polish.
   The papers should be sent by e-mail to Please provide: name of the author/authors, name of the institution in the original language and in English, address, phone, email, title of the paper and abstract in English (even if paper is written in Polish).
   Participants of the seminar will receive summaries of papers and posters on the day of the seminar's commencement.
   The seminar participants will receive a book of abstracts on the first day of the seminar. The abstract submission should not exceed 200 words, contain keywords, author/authors affiliation and e-mail.

   Accepted papers after positive reviews will be published in: