International Seminar of Ergonomics

Tarnow - POLAND May 9th - 11th 2017

Seminarium Ergonomii


International Seminar of Ergonomics    It is the 30th time we would like to invite you to participate in the International Seminar of Ergonomics to exchange experience and present the results of your research.
   As it is an anniversary seminar we believe that we will be able to host more practitioners as well as theorists interested in ergonomics and occupational safety engineering.
   The 30th Seminar will refer to the problems which were mentioned in the previous meetings, but we hope that so many aspects under one heading Ergonomics and safety in lifelong human activity will allow for a wider point of view. This approach concerns diverse issues of ergonomics and safety, not limited to professional activity.
   This time, we would like to invite you to Tarnow to give a great opportunity to visit the Malopolska Province and this historical and traditional city. Tarnow is an important tourism, cultural and economic centre in south eastern Poland but it is also a charming city. We hope that it will be a place of fruitful discussions and exchange of experience. It is also possible that the beauty of Malopolska and a close distance to Krakow (Cracow) will encourage you to extend your stay in Poland.
   We believe that you will find the possibility of exchanging experience with the experts from different fields.

We are cordially inviting you to Tarnow.
Prof. Leszek Pacholski

Call for Papers in pdf format