Seminarium Ergonomii    

International Seminar of Ergonomics

Poznan - POLAND, May 27th - 28th 2022

International Seminar of Ergonomics


International Seminar of Ergonomics
   It is 27 years since our conference became an international conference. This creates an opportunity to exchange experiences between practitioners and theoreticians not only from Poland like before, but also from various countries.

   By organizing International Ergonomic Seminars, we try to deal with various areas of ergonomics, although we always choose a leading topic. Initially, these were topics related to teaching ergonomics, labour protection and work safety. The development of many fields, and thus new challenges for ergonomics, also had an impact on the issues raised at our conference. The upcoming XXXII Seminar's main topic will be "Ergonomics: evolution of challenges & solutions". We hope it will allow us to broaden the issues of ergonomics which were discussed in the past.
   Due to the pandemic situation, the seminar planned two years ago will take place two years later. Many things have changed during this period, and it will therefore affect the topics of the conference and the research interests of ergonomists.

   We cordially invite you to Poznan

Organizing Committee