Seminarium Ergonomii    

International Seminar of Ergonomics

Poznan - POLAND May 23th - 25th 2018

International Seminar of Ergonomics


  1. Ergonomics of work environment and human life
  2. Economic aspects of work environment improvement
  3. Ergonomics in product and process design
  4. Education and trainings in work safety and ergonomics
  5. Ergonomics for people with disabilities and aging population
  6. Biomechanics and modelling in ergonomics and work safety
  7. Ergonomics in architecture and construction
  8. Ergonomics in transport, mining, agriculture and forestry
  9. Ergonomic criteria in occupational risk assessment
  10. Ergonomics and quality engineering
  11. Safety culture
  12. Medicine and health at work
  13. Ergonomics in information technology and management systems
  14. New applications of ergonomics
  15. Ergonomic awareness
  16. Occupational safety management