Seminarium Ergonomii    

International Seminar of Ergonomics

Poznan - POLAND May 23th - 25th 2018

International Seminar of Ergonomics

Conference fees

Participant type
Paid up to
Paid after
Regular fee 
250,00 Euro
300,00 Euro
Discounted fee
(students and PHD students)  
200,00 Euro
250,00 Euro
Additional paper  
100,00 Euro
100,00 Euro

The conference fee includes:
a) costs of organizing and operating the Seminar,
b) participation in the debates and oral presentation,
c) participation in workshops,
d) conference materials,
e) publication of one paper after the Seminar,
f) lunches during the congress and refreshments during coffee breaks,
g) reception dinner,
h) additional conference events.

The fee should be transferred to the account of Polish Ergonomics Society:
Polskie Towarzystwo Ergonomiczne
Bank name: Alior Bank
PL 67 2490 0005 0000 4600 9490 0334
Please provide first name and surname of participant